Junglee and Vidyut Jamwal are worth seeing in the 'Wild' teaser

Junglee and Vidyut Jamwal are worth seeing in the 'Wild' teaser

Junglee and Vidyut Jamwal are worth seeing in the 'Wild' teaser
Junglee and Vidyut Jamwal are worth seeing in the 'Wild' teaser

Vidyut Jamwal's film 'Junglee' teaser has been released. The teaser is such that it can not be affected without it.

The forest looked so beautiful after many days. Seeing the light of Vidyutity, they can be called as forest dwellers.

Vidyut has used seven different types of weapons in the film 'Junglee'. It has an otta i.e. elephant's teeth. L Vidyut Jamwal is playing the role of an elephant boyfriend in 'Junglee', a dangerous hunter Will expose the racket. The film is directed by American filmmaker Chuck Russell.

It is famous about Vidyut that they do their own stunts and do not use any body double.

Let me tell you that he got hurt on the set while shooting this film. He was performing the action scene at that time too. Injury-hit the head and shed enough blood His injuries were treated only on the set.

In this film, he was shooting for a number of consecutive days with an elephant. Let me tell you that Commando Fame Actor Vidyut Jamwal is now one of the six martial arts exporters of the world who has acquired greatness in the genre using seven types of weapons. So no one has ever done so in India.

In the US, the organization formed for the martial arts people in the US, had recently released a list of artists from around the world in which the electrons joined the Top 6, according to the electrolyte, they are very happy and martial arts One of them has created this belief in Kalaripayattu.

Vidyut has acquired such a great power in this mode that it can now balance its balance without any other support by giving its full weight to only the thin steel rod (arrow). It is amazing for his art and for that It does not even support any cable (wires). According to Vidyut, it is only on the strength of your inner strength, which requires years of training and mental concentration. Found on the screen showing several amazing feat that so far their car with stunts extremely's great, that without them a body double or a harness (cable) in the bus did not l sequel film Commando.

Vidyut Jamwal is very impressed with Tom Cruise and says that even after the age of 50, he can not do the same as his action stunts. The film of the film is coming out on April 5 next year. In the film, he has used a number of such weapons which have never been seen before in films. This is one of them. This weapon like the  Talwar comes from South India. Vidyut says the risk of running it is extremely difficult because of injury all the time myself.

Previously, the solo Solo film 'Commando 2', which was released, was released. This film had a good business on the ticket window. While working for the film, Vidhuam Jamwal did not take any help for stunts nor used any double body. There were also Isha Gupta and Ada Sharma.
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