Priyanka Nick Wedding: According to Numerology, how will the married life of both

Priyanka Nick Wedding: According to Numerology, how will the married life of both

Priyanka Nick Wedding According to Numerology, how will the married life of both
Priyanka Nick Wedding According to Numerology, how will the married life of both

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra will be married to her boyfriend Nick Jonas on December 2 at Jodhpur Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. The pair of Priyanka and Nick have been in the discussion since the past. Famous Celebrity Numerologist Bhavik Sanghvi has spoken in detail with Jagaran.com about the upcoming life of Priyanka and Nick. He has done some predictions on the basis of a Numerology. 

Bhavik Sanghvi explains that Priyanka was born on July 18, 1982. In that respect, their radix number is 9. There's also his Bhagyank number 9, which is quite strong for him. They are considered to be Mars Nick Jonas was born on September 16, in that sense he is number 7, which is Ketu and his number in the Bhagyank is one.

This means that Priyanka will be more influential on Nick, as we all know that Priyanka is quite strong personality and is also diligent. More than Nick, Priyanka will dominate her personality, but Nick should not even consider herself as weak. Yes, when it comes to decision, patience will be necessary in both the relationships.

go can sometimes clash. Since the two are going to get married at the end of the year. The coming year will be important for both. 2019 may be a little difficult time for them. If both do not handle Igo, there can be a problem in the relationship, although it is a matter of fact that both are self-individually personalized and that is why both of them have taken into account.

From 2019 to 2020, the time will be Strug and Rough and Tough, while 2021 will be quite happy and comfortable. Nick might have a back problem in the coming year. That's why they have to be cautious about their health.

The devotee believes that both of them say Numerology, if Nick keeps his orginal name Nic's place Nicholas, then he can have a great deal of career. Nicholas has more lucky names for them. Plus it would be better to place Jonas 'J' instead of 'J'. At the same time Priyanka should not change her surname Hargies. Since Priyanka Chopra is her full name, she is perfect for her personality and also Lucky. This will maintain their strong and independent personality

According to the devotee, his hometown for Nick Jonas is also good in terms of career, whereas the fame and name that Priyanka can get in India will be less in the US. According to karma for both, their country will prove to be right.

According to the devotee, Priyanka should now do some films in India. This time for Priyanka, it is very good from the point of view of marriage, but it is not the time to have the advantage in the career right now. The year 2019 will be very important, but it is also afraid that there should be no long distance relationship.

The devotee believes that both will have no shortage of money. However, he will spend a lot in the middle of 2019-20. Year 2021 will earn enough money. There will be considerable revenues and savings.

According to the devotees, Nick is more emotional in both of these couples, but Priyanka Practical is more. His work for Priyanka is his worship. Their first marriage is from their work. So, he will not let anything fall behind work. Though Priyanka would find it a bad thing in herself and she would also like to change herself, she still does not want to work without paying attention to the work. While Nick is more emotional. He is one of the members of the family who walk with each member.

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