Quick And Easy Style Paneer Bhurji

Quick And Easy Style Paneer Bhurji

Paneer bhurji is a dish that you don't mind eating for breakfast lunch or dinner well generally we end up using a lot of ingredients to flavor something like paneer but trust me today I'm using just five ingredients and making something which is quick easy simple and trust me.


Garlic Oil
1 cup Paneer, crumbled
1/2 cup Onion, chopped
1/8 cup Bell Peppers
1 tbsp Pav Bhaji Masala
Salt to taste.

Welcome to our food section the first thing that I'm doing is heating some oil in this case I'm using garlic oil well this is an oil that you can absolutely very easily make at home what you need to do
is take some vegetable oil heat it on low flame leave in some pods of garlic or some cloves of garlic let that infuse in the oil let it cool down and then what you have is a gorgeously scented and infused garlic oil well while that's heating up what I am doing is chopping a red onion the onions are chopped.

And ready the next ingredient are some sweet peppers while I'm using some colorful
ones so that the Virgie becomes nice and colorful but while you can use any color. you can stick to just the green one just the red one just the yellow one that's a person choice. the sweet peppers are cut and ready and if you notice the oil is also heated up so let's transfer the onions in first in garlic oil well similarly the way I've made garlic oil you can also make ginger oil you can make onion oil you can make red chili or a green chili oil you know it's always important to have this flavored oils in your kitchen pantry so that it can start flavoring food differently once the onions turn translucent in color the next thing that goes in or the next ingredient that goes in rather are the sweet peppers or capsicum let's transfer all of these allow these to cook on high flame you need to toss this on high flame ensuring that the capsicum of the peppers still maintain a little bit of a crunch and a bite because the paneer is going to be nice soft and crumbly give that a stir and I think that's perfectly done.

Next ingredient and this one is gonna be all power is going to be the real flavor of the paneer bhurji and that is pav bhaji masala now for the uninitiated pav bhaji masala is nothing but a mixture of red chili powder haldi which is turmeric garam masala and I'm sure now if you think logically these are the same. ingredients that otherwise you would also end up adding but separately what I am doing here is using one compact compound masala like a pav bhaji masala and making paneer bhurji allow this masala to cook on high flame till kind of all the raw flavor goes away and laughs and finally comes the star of this recipe and that is cottage cheese or paneer what I'm doing is not chopping this or not cutting these into pieces but in fact crumbling.

For a recipe like paneer bhurji make sure you do not use something like a malai paneer because it's going to get absolutely pasty instead of having those crumbled shards if there's a nice mix
give it a nice stir and finally last but not the least for some flavor salt one final stop and your paneer bhurji is done and ready.

Well with this paneer bhurji is done and ready while you can have this just like that with Fulco
spice up your imagination sandwich this up convert this into a roll or add in some leftover rice and convert this into a bougie fried rice well on that note.

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