Rajpal Yadav jailed for three months, know full case

Rajpal Yadav jailed for three months, know full case

Rajpal Yadav jailed for three months, know full case
Rajpal Yadav jailed for three months, know full case

In the case of cheating of Rs 10.40 crore, the High Court on Friday sent actor Rajpal Yadav to jail for three months. Rajpal's petition challenging the lower court was heard in the Delhi High Court. The bench ordered Rajpal Yadav to be arrested and held in custody. On the instruction of the court, the police sent him into custody and sent him to Tihar Jail.

During the hearing Rajpal Yadav's advocate Surat Singh demanded a month's time to pay the money while presenting the documents of property worth 30 crores in front of the court. He said that the petitioner will pay the full fine on getting some more time. The bench also said that it would give a moratorium till January, but lawyers of Sri Naurang Godavari Entertainment Karan Luthra and SK Sharma said that they had already been given a moratorium several times before. In such a situation, the time should not be adjourned.

The court asked, what money will be received from sending the jail. The defendant's advocates said that the accused had not fulfilled the promise of paying two crore rupees on November 30. In such a way, he should be sent to jail right now. He said that the money will be taken even further. Contradicting this plea, advocate Surat Singh said that if Rajpal Yadav is sent to jail then he should be given relief from the payment of eight crore rupees. After hearing the arguments of both the parties, the court said that since the defendant side has not sought any other punishment. In this way, Rajpal Yadav is sent to jail for three months.

On the verdict 

Eight crore rupees will not be given: Rajpal Yadav's lawyer says that the court has sent the jail for three months, giving exemption from giving eight crore rupees. Rajpal has been sent to jail for three months in case he is unable to pay Rs eight crore. Now they will not have to pay this amount. He argued that the bench has disposed of the petition while not allowing the recovery in the verdict.

Punishment is not a relief from the penalty: On the other hand, advocate of Mr. Narang Godavari Entertainment Limited says that punishment does not guarantee the penalty for not paying the penalty. Rajpal has been sent to jail for not paying the amount on the prescribed date. They have to pay the eight million rupees of fine. If he does not do this, then we will again take legal action against him.

This is the case: Rajpal Yadav had taken a loan of Rs 5 crore from the businessman of Delhi for the film "Ata Laxata" in 2010, but he did not return the loan amount. Mr. Narang Godavari Entertainment Limited Company had registered seven different complaints related to check bounce against Rajpal and others. In the case, the Karkardooma court sent many notices to Rajpal, but in 2013, he was sent to jail for 10 days. After a prolonged hearing, Karkardooma Court had convicted Rajpal and his wife Radha in seven cases, including a check bounce, in April 2018. Rajpal was sentenced to six years imprisonment and fined Rs 10.40 crore. Rajpal challenged the court's decision in the High Court.

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