Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi Recipe
Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi Recipe In the summer season, it seems to eat some cold every day. In such a case, if cold cold lassi is found, then its fun is just another. Lassi is made in many ways. Today we are telling you to become lassi with mango and dry fruits. Everybody likes to eat even in the summer season. So why do not we add the lassi mango to the lassi and the fun of lassi also be increased. And along with some dried fruits also increase their fun. So let's see Mango Lassi with dry fruits.


Curd - 1 cup
Sugar - 3 tablespoons
Mango - 1 mango
Almond - 4 - 5
Rose Water - 2 - 3 Drops
Pistachios - 3 - 4
Ice Cube - as required

Making Method of Mango Lassi Recipe:

First wash mango thoroughly to make Mango Lassi recipe. Then take out its peel. And grind the mangoes into small pieces.

Pour almonds and pistachios into a mixer and grind them fine. If you wish, you can use almonds as well as take out the peel.

Now mix mashed mango paste, yogurt, water and sugar according to the requirement and blend it properly in the mix. Now add water everyday and blend it once again in a mixie.

Now filter this mixture away from the jar and filter it with a sieve in a bowl. Now in the glass you want to serve lassi. Put ice cream in it then add lassi to it. Add powdered almonds and pistachios powder from the top and then cool down.

These lassi will love you and your guests too.
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