Mango Frooti Recipe

Mango Frooti Recipe

Mango Frooti Recipe
Mango Frooti Recipe

Today we have brought you Mango Frooti Recipe. Kids love Frooti or mango juice very much. That is why people often ask how to make mango juice, how to make mango frooti, mango juice is made. It is very easy to make it. Mango frooti, mazza) you can make in your house. Then do not delay and try the method of making instant mango frooti. We hope you enjoy Mango Frooti Recipe.


Mango - 04 nos
Raw mango- 02 (medium size)
Sugar - 300 gms
Water - as required

Method of making mango frooti:

Peel the ripe and raw mangoes first for Mango Frooti Recipe. Separate the seeds and make small pieces of the pulp.
Now in a cooker, add chopped pieces of mango with a glass of water and cook the lid until medium whistle starts two whistles.

After opening two whistles, open the cooker. Mix sugar in the pulp of mango and stir it well. After that turn off the cooker and cook it for two minutes. Turn off the gas after two minutes. Open the lid of the cooker and let it cool slightly.

After cooling, filter the mango pulp and separate its water. Put them in a bowl of water and put the pulp in the mixer and make a fine puree.

Mix puree in mango water and filter it with the sieve. If the pulp is too thick, then add some water to it and keep it in the fridge for an hour.

Take, the method of making mango frooti is complete. Now your frooti / mango juice Aam ka Juice is ready. When cooled, remove it from the fridge and serve it with a piece of cold ice.
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