Badam Phirni Recipe

Badam Phirni Recipe

Badam Phirni Recipe
Badam Phirni Recipe

Today we have brought you Badam Phirni Recipe. On the occasion of happiness, it is custom to make different types of a sweet dish in Muslim families. The Sahi Pulav, Zarda Tukda, the Shear Khurma, Kimami Sevai, Firni are among them. Badam ki Phirni is very tasty in the food. And it's also easy to make. So, you also try the method of making almonds. We are sure that you will definitely like the Badam Phirni Recipe.

Ingredients :

Rice flour - 01 cups (slightly thickened)
Milk - 04 cups,
Water - 02 cups,
Sugar- 03 tablespoons,
Ghee - 01 tbsp,
Almond (Badam) - 02 small spoons (chopped),
Cashew nuts - 02 teaspoons,
Pistachio - 01 teaspoons,
Cardamom- 04 nos

Badam Phirni Recipe Making Method

For the Badam Phirni recipes, first, heat the ghee in the pan.

When the ghee is warmed, add the roasted rice in it and stir it for 7-8 minutes.

When the dough is roasted, add the Cardamom in it then add water and milk in it and stir it in this manner so that the dough mix thoroughly.

Now add sugar and almonds in the pan and cook on medium flame.

When the dough becomes thick and starts to sit in the bottom, close the flame and garnish with chopped cashew nuts and pistachios.

Take, the method of making Badam Phirni is complete. Now your delicious Badam Phirni is ready. If you like it, eat it warmly and if you want it to cool down in the fridge after coming to the normal temperature.
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