Game Over Movie Review Taapsee Pannu

Game Over Movie Review Taapsee Pannu

Game Over Movie Review Taapsee Pannu
Game Over Movie Review Taapsee Pannu

The first scene of the movie 'Game Over' will only make your hair fall. The 27-year-old urban girl is murdered in a very horrible manner and then bouncing her head and bouncing. The murderer does not stop there, then he sets fire on the girl's body. Taapsee Pannu has been seen playing the role of a video game designer in the film, who is trying to come out of her past. They are also themselves a video game addict. It is a psychological thriller that ends very differently.


Taapsee (Sapna) lives alone with his house Maid Amaamma (Vinodini). Sapnas are struggling with a mental illness. Because of which, in the past, when the date of the accident happened with him, he suffers and suffers a tremendous panic attack. A terrible turning point in the story comes when the Sapna comes to know that those who have tattoos on their hands are no ordinary tattoos but a memorial tattoo. In the tattoo's ink, the ashes of any dead person are mixed. These tattoos make people keep their closest possessions always with them. 

After this, Taapsee again finds that the person who has ashes in his tattoo is ashes of the 27-year-old girl who is killed. Now for what happens next, you have to watch the film. However, in view of every scene, mutual relief will definitely stop.

Well, tell me that there is a craze in the fans about Bollywood films made on thriller and supernatural power. Although the film is different from those films because it has an interesting angle of the game with thriller and supernatural layer. 


Taapsee and Vinodini have done quite well in the film. Taapsee has given tremendous expressions on every scene. Taapsee has once again proved that he can play every role well. 

Why not see

If you like to watch thriller and horror movies, this movie is perfect for you. In this you will see a mixer of both. Suspense is a big movie, due to which will you ever lose your attention from the film?

Where did you miss

Some scenes come in the movie where you will have a little confusion as to how it happened. You will have many questions in mind, but after watching the whole film you will forget about these things and only praise the film.


Ashwin Saravanan, who directed the Tamil horror film 'Maya' and 'Iravalkam' has done quite a good direction. Seeing his movie, you will become a fan of his direction.

Rating: 3
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