Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma
Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is a very delicate dish made of milk, dry fruit, and seviyan. It is also made as an iftar on the happy occasion of Eid or in the days of Ramzan. You can also make it and see if you eat it once, you will also love it too, then see the recipe for making Sheer Khurma Recipe.


Milk = 2 liters
Vermicelli (Seviyan)= 200g
Sugar = 2 cups
Almond = 1 spoon
Cashews = 1 spoon
Pista = 1 spoon
Saffron = a pinch
Ghee = 1 spoon
Small cardamom powders (For Flavour)

How To Make Sheer Khurma Recipe

To make Sheer Khurma, first heat the ghee in a nonstick pan and after ghee is warmed, add the Vermicelli (Seviyan) to the fine finely and fry them on a lighted gas for 10 minutes.

When seviyan becomes light brown, then turn off the gas.

Now heat the milk in a pan and when the milk becomes hot, add cardamom and saffron in it and cook it while running milk. When the milk is half cooked, add sugar in it and cook until sugars dissolve.

When the sugar dissolves, then add half of the milk in the milk add Almonds, Cashews, Pista, Saffron and close the gas after cooking for 10 minutes.

Take it, now your Sheer Khurma is read. Remove it in the serving bowl and garnish with dry-fruits and serve and eat.
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