Kaju Katli Recipe

Kaju Katli Recipe

Kaju Katli Recipe
Kaju Katli Recipe

Kaju Katli, also known as Kaju Barfi, is a famous dessert of North India, which is loved by children from the elders. It is definitely made part of sweet, especially on festivals. This delicious dessert has the characteristics of cashew nuts. This time instead of buying Kaju Katli from the shop, make it at home, which will be even more delicious.

The subtle sweetness of the barfi together with its melt in the mouth quality from the cashew nuts, make it the most desired sweet for any occasion, religious or otherwise.


2 cups Cashew nuts
2 cups Sugar
2 teaspoons Cornflour
2 teaspoons Ghee
1 cup Water
Edible Silver Foil/Leaf (Chandi Ka Vark), (optional)
Mixed nuts, crushed (pistachio) for stuffing (optional)

How to make Kaju Katli Recipe (Kaju Barfi)

To begin making the Kaju Katli Recipe (Kaju Barfi), take a large heavy-bottomed pan, and pour in the sugar and water. Mix them well and boil for about 10 minutes, until the sugar syrup thickens up to a two-string consistency.

Grind all the cashew nuts together along with cornflour to a fine powder.

Once the sugar syrup has arrived at a two-string consistency, add the cashew nuts and cornflour powder to it.

Continue stirring the Kaju Katli (burfi) mixture together till no lumps remain.  Add a teaspoon of ghee and cook for another 7 to 10 minutes, until the Kaju Katli (burfi) mixture contents thicken up and begins to leave the sides of the pan.

The final consistency of the Kaju Katli (burfi) mixture should be of dough consistency.

Once it reaches the dough like consistency, turn off the heat and spread it evenly in a tray keeping about 1/2 inch thickness. Spread the silver varak at this stage and allow it to set.

Once cooled, cut the Kaju Katli (burfi) into desired shapes. You can also optionally make a sandwich of two the Kaju Katli (Burfi) with crushed pistachios and serve.

The delicious Kaju Katli (Burfi) is ready to be eaten, or it can even be refrigerated for future use. Hope you get to make the delicious Kaju Katli Recipe and share with friends and family.
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