Custard Powder Halwa Recipe

Custard Powder Halwa Recipe

Custard Powder Halwa Recipe
Custard Powder Halwa Recipe

In India, Halwa is consumed prominently in many places, especially in North India. Be it Diwali, Rakshabandhan or any other festival, Halwa plays an important role. Halwa also has many varieties, such as semolina halwa (pudding), pumpkin and gourd halwa and flour halwa. But have you tasted the custard powder halwa? If not, then make and eat this delicious halwa on Janmashtami festival.

Ingredients of Custard Powder Halwa Recipe

1 cup custard powder
3 cups sugar
4 cups of water
20 cashew nuts
4 tsp ghee

How to make Custard Powder Halwa Recipe

Take custard powder in a bowl and add water and sugar. Mix it well until the lumps dissolve.

Place a pan on medium heat and pour the mixture into it. Add ghee to it and keep stirring occasionally.

When the mixture starts to thicken, add chopped cashews and stir again.

Keep stirring this mixture until it starts to move away from the edges of the pan. Now cut and serve this custard powder halwa in desired shape.

Enjoy this with friends and family. If you like this recipe comments in the comment box.
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