Akshay Kumar Laxmii Movie Review Update

Akshay Kumar Laxmii Movie Review Update

Akshay Kumar Laxmii Movie Review Update

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani's film 'Laxmi Bomb' has been released from Plus Hotstar. Laxmii is a Hindi remake of the Tamil film Kanchana and directed by Raghava Lawrence. Akshay and Kiara play the role of husband and wife in this film.


In the film, Akshay plays the role of Asif, who goes to his wife's house to celebrate Kiara Advani's mother as they are angry at the romantic marriage of the two. The two then get to Daman and the twist gets into the story. After arriving there, Asif learns about a building where children are afraid to play. But Asif does not believe in ghosts and will play in that building.

While playing cricket, something happened that the soul of the crocodile woke up and came to the house of Rashmi and Asif's parents. After this the same thing happens in all the horror films and then Lakshmi's soul enters Akshay.

Akshay Kumar Laxmii Movie Review

Review Update

If you have never seen Kanchana you will love this film very much. But if you've seen Kanchana over and over again you'll be comparing yourself in the forums. However, the story of the film has changed a bit. In this film, Akshay and Kiara's couple do not look special together. Akshay looks really big in front of Kiara. The film has a message to change people's thinking towards the transgender community.

Acting of Stars

Akshay's character started well but his Lakshmi image won hearts. His dining table area was excellent. Kiara Advani later almost disappeared from the film. All the other supporting actors did a great job. Manu Rishi, Rajesh Kumar and Ashwini Kalsekar played very well.

Comedy and Jokes

Now that this film is a remake, it will be compared to the film Kanchana and by comparison, the film did not look so good. While some scenes were very funny, the jokes were missed in some places.


Raghava Lawrence directed and starred in the film Kanchana. After this Raghava has now directed the film Laxmii. However, Raghava did not show any magic in the film. The film breaks down in some places. 
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