Anupama Spoiler Alert Vanraj Loses Both Anupama And Kavya Big Twist In Upcoming Episode

Anupama Spoiler Alert Vanraj Loses Both Anupama And Kavya Big Twist In Upcoming Episode

An altercation is seen between Vanraj and Anupama in the serial 'Anupama'. Vanraj's ego is dragging him into great trouble. He is upset at Anupama's courage to be strong against him. Vanraj and Kavya now decide to break Anupama. Vanraj now decides to propose Kavya for marriage to teach Anupama a lesson. But Anupama is now ready to face any storm.

Vanraj has confessed in front of Anupama that he is in a relationship with Kavya. But now, he is not able to handle the relationship with Kavya, he compares Kavya to Anupama. Vanraj has a habit of blaming his frustration on Anupama.

But when he does this with Kavya, who is an independent woman, she warns Vanraj not to dare blame her for her failure as she is not Anupama. Vanraj is losing his grip on the family, and Anupama is moving away from Vanraj and moving forward in life. So is Vanraj on the verge of losing both Anupama and Kavya. Only the episodes to come will be known.

You saw that Summer shows that Anupama's online class fees have come. After hearing that, all the families are happy. At the same time, Vanraj gets irritated by this. On the other hand, Vanraj gets a call from the boss, in which his boss shouts at him. Vanraj tells the boss that because of you this project got out of hand. That's when Kavya comes there and Vanraj puts all this blame on her. Vanraj says that you gave a presentation for that project alone, so that project went out of my hands.

Here at home everyone waits for Vanraj for Diwali Puja, but he does not come. Vanraj does not even take any angry call, when he remembers that everyone will be waiting for him at home, then he goes home. There Vanraj sees that Anupama is worshiping without him. Vanraj sees all this and goes inside the house quietly, but Anupama sees him. Anupama asks her why are you punishing the whole family. 
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