Pop Star Rihanna Has Bought New Lavish Mansion In California

Pop Star Rihanna Has Bought New Lavish Mansion In California

Pop Star and Model Rihanna, who came into the limelight by supporting the Indian farmer movement, has once again come into the limelight. This time, she  is not in the opinion of any movement political issue but in the news about his new property. She has bought a luxurious new mansion, the price of which will baffle the mind. Yes, Rihanna has bought a mansion worth Rs 100 crore, adding a bit more to her property. With this, Rihanna has now become the mistress of a luxurious mansion.

Rihanna has bought a mansion worth Rs 100 crore

Pictures of singer Rihanna's new mansion are being seen extensively on social media. It is priced at 13.8 million dollars. According to the Indian currency, it is worth about 100 crores rupees. The location of the luxurious residence is also fantastic. It is located in the city of Beverly Hills, California, where many Hollywood celebs are already home. Click Here to see the pictures

According to the information, this mansion of Rihanna is built in the 1930s. In terms of area, it is in a much larger area, spread over 21,958 square feet. Her mansion is built on seeing its glory. There is a lot of open space left in this Lavish house. That is why the mansion spread over such a large area has 5 bedrooms. At the same time, the number of washrooms is seven, whose brightness is made on sight.

The look of this modern-day mansion also gives an antique feel. Its decoration is special. It is equipped with facilities such as open air central courtyard, terraces, pool, spa and firepits. Everything from the entry gate to the kitchen remains magnificent. Modern technology is replete with resources. The kitchen has two large marble islands and a wet bar. At the same time, there is a fire place in the living room and lounge.

Let me tell you that Rihanna bought this mansion from Investor Daniel Star. Daniel bought it in 2016 and has owned it since then. After renovating the interior, he sold it to Rihanna. Apart from this mansion, Rihanna also owns many other properties. She was declared the richest female singer in 2019. 
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