Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Samar calls off his engagement

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Samar calls off his engagement

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The new plot of the well known day by day cleanser Anupamaa is accumulating the interest of the crowd as they are loving the sprouting sentiment among Anupama and Anuj. In the forthcoming episode, it will be seen that a tremendous contention will happen including Vanraj and Nandini, who lets him know that assuming he is such a lot of fretted over his family, he ought to be worried about his better half Kavya as well. In any case, Vanraj was of the view that Kavya has committed such a large number of errors and presently their relationship has become unsalvageable.

The entire Shah family attempts to quiet him down, yet he proceeds to say that he never preferred Nandini and it will be great that Samar likewise acknowledges soon that she isn't the right young lady for him. All at once Samar comes and he begins contending with Nandini once more. Out of resentment, Samar tosses the wedding band and says that he is cutting off their friendship. Vanraj gets one more motivation to affront Nandini and he requests that she take off from the house.

In another scene, Anuj is helping Anupama in making breakfast. Anupama plans to go to the Shah house alongside Samar and Nandini's cherished breakfast. She leaves a heart-formed paratha for Anuj. When she arrives at the Shah home, she is stunned to see the gigantic battle continuing. She questions Vanraj about getting in Samar and Nandini's battle. She lets him know that he ought to have attempted to fix things, rather than harming their relationship further.

In the forthcoming episodes, Anupama will be seen attempting to save Samar and Nandini's relationship. Vanraj encourages Samar to get isolated from Nandini. It will be fascinating to see what will Samar do now. 
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