Mira Rajput reveals how her holiday with Misha

Mira Rajput reveals how her holiday with Misha

Mira Shares tips for a perfect vacation with kids

Mira Rajput is a wonderful single mother who is able to care for her children Misha very well. They often share tips and tricks to keep children happy which is a great help for new mothers. The star's wife on Wednesday took to Instagram to share what the holidays with the kids look like to her. She posted a video in which he summarized a typical holiday with his children and asked his fans how they took the figure of Holiday plus Kids.

Taking her Instagram handle, Mira Rajput posted a short clip, initially looking dressed, in a beautiful setting, and posted it like, "How a holiday with kids starts," and as the video progresses. , shows Mira walking through the mall smiling all the way. She finally relaxes in bed at the end of the video, and puts out a caption “How to End a Holiday with Kids.” In this video, she shared how tired she felt after a wonderful vacation with the kids.

Mira Shares tips for a perfect vacation with kids

In captions, Mira reveals to her fans the things she cares about as she plans to go on vacation with her little toys. She wrote, “Holiday + Kids =? While we all went back to about the holidays and hobbies, I couldn't help but remember the zillion and one mixed feelings I had while travelling with my kids. It’s a good time for a 1-1 draw, we get to indulge in a lazy lawless breakfast, lots of time to swim and do kids activities in various places together and see their faces light up. The baby to me is already alive and I am very happy to do all those things with her. "

While summarizing the typical holiday trip with the kids, Mira added, “BUT. It is a difficult business. For children under the age of one, they may feel frustrated which triggers the effect of dominos throughout the journey, and requires a LOT of advance planning, meal stops, and patience for unexpected changes in plans. It also requires crazy packaging (which you know I don’t like anyway) and even the list just gets boring. I'm also so tired that I just want to get out and have a good time. ”

Concluding the post, she wrote, "I really preferred the place I go as the Maldives with a free pace and not too many things for me to check out the FOMO list."

Finally, the ‘Kabir Singh’ actor’s wife shared her thoughts on the holiday with the children. She wrote, “Are you crazy, are you crazy without guessing? What do you guys think? ”

Most fans are related to Mira's post via photo sharing platform as they shoot as they like, and throw red heart icons on the post. 
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