Dream Girl 2 Review: Ananya Panday & Ayushmann Khurrana

Dream Girl 2 Review: Ananya Panday & Ayushmann Khurrana

Dream Girl 2 Review: Ananya Pandya & Ayushmann Khurrana

Dream Girl 2's brainless intensity might give Ayushmann Khurrana a little leeway yet its worn out jokes are more debilitating to watch than him shuffling between two genders, feels Sukanya Verma.

Being a lady is harder than claiming to be one.

Dream Girl 2 throws some symbolic compassion her way yet how its might interpret womanhood reduces to her boobs.

Two oranges in a bra and the horniest jokesters of Agra turn up following her lead.

What's the point of messing with void talk when 133 minutes of your film are simply going to stumble over her life systems for passerby joy?

Back in 2019, a man's natural solace in investigating his female side and expected women's activist over a persistent stock of sassy humdingers and Ayushmann's demure, shameless salvos raised Chief Raaj Shaandilyaa's Beauty queen past one more person acting like young lady schtick.

In any case, its trashy continuation has neither the soul nor backtalk, falling back to the standard, worn out fake parody of contraptions that has been improved.

Beholding back to Govinda's prime humor when any semblance of Aunt No 1 and Coolie No 1 stimulated the bone in the entirety of their senseless racket and disarray, Dream Girl 2's dated comic routine battles to refresh a politically-erroneous reason.

It's like searching for 'woke' components in a particularly David Dhawan space. Dhawan's comedies worked better since they took ownership of their idiocy and partook in the process as far as possible.

However, Ayushmann's fame is established in moral showing off.

Indeed, even his joke needs to have meaning.

Dream Girl 2's brainless intensity might give him a little leeway yet its worn out jokes are more debilitating to watch than him shuffling between two genders.

The activity shifts from Mathura to Agra where Karam's Pooja voice gets a body (both have a place with Ayushmann, obviously) when his vigorously under water father Jagjit (Annu Kapoor) and lovelorn pal Smiley (Manjot Singh) persuade him to take up a task as a bar artist in Vijay Raaz's shabby club as well as wed a discouraged person called Shahrukh (Abhishek Banerjee).

Shahrukh's religion is never a conflict.

His relatives are a crazy granddad (Asrani-on-wheels), a screechy father (Paresh Rawal), a stepbrother (Rajpal Yadav), an over gregarious auntie (Seema Pahwa) very nearly separating from third spouse (Vijay Raaz) and a sister that Smiley needs to wed however has no effect on the procedures.

Shaadi and nikaah are articulated in practically every breath of this film.

Unemployed Karam consents to cooperate since he wants fast bucks to wed his attorney sweetheart also known as Dad Ki Pari otherwise known as heartfelt companion with zero say or sense (Ananya Panday).

Dream Girl 2 has no story, just terrible jokes in its enormous conspicuous sack of diversion where around 75% of its huge cast succumb to either playful Pooja or macho Karam's charms.

Its silly rationale is only a reason to compel in old gags and scenes of horseplay by a lot of attempted and-tried comic veterans.

Seema Pahwa wearing a facial cover, Annu Kapoor coloring his hair for the nth time, Paresh Rawal's Bright Deol-Radiant Leone jests, Vijay Raaz in terrible gold suits for snickers, it agonies to see these smart entertainers in low-level droll.

Ayushmann's dressing in drag endeavors aren't bad by any stretch.

The man sure has some good times sounding and influencing like an alarm.

There's even a café job trade scene not excessively not the same as the one in the 1993 Robin Williams parody, Mrs Doubtfire.

However, much as he might twist those long braids of his hairpiece, this low level of intelligence uproar (yeh Shilpa Shetty nahi Suniel Shetty hai, anybody?) raises just uncertainty and no fire.

Dream Girl 2 Survey Rating: 2/5
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