Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta Entered in Bigg Boss house for Sach Ka Aaina Task

Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta Entered in Bigg Boss house for Sach Ka Aaina Task

Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta Entered in Bigg Boss house for Sach Ka Aaina Task
Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta Entered in Bigg Boss house for Sach Ka Aaina Task

Big Boss 12 is running for the second week. All participants have started showing their true faces. In such a situation, Vikas Gupta, who was known as the X Contestant and Mastermind, to tell how much the image of a contender is becoming and how much entertainment is doing to the audience. During this time, Big Boss made everyone as a statue and Vikas showed one of the home-grown contests their real face in the mirror. In the meantime, he made many contentious people happy, he made many people cry. Know what the development said to the participant

Sreesanth: You are a sportsman, how can you run away from the game? You do not understand yourself how you are playing? I also tried to run away from home, but then became emotional and later understood the game.

Neha: I know you from long ago, but playing very well, but you are not leading in the game, you do not see anywhere.

Sristhi: You are not a celebrity who does not understand anything. You are just lost in yourself. Your face is something else out there and here's something else.

Urvashi: You are playing well. This is a big deal because you went against your team and shown the mirror.

Karanveer: You keep giving advice to the households, but they do not know whether they are doing it or not. You are not doing anything

Saba-Soma: You see a truth in both of you. You fight like sisters, my mother also praises you. You stand for each other.

Anup Jalota: Urvashi was saying all things, but you did not conform to what you reached and believe. You should show responsibility to the big of the house.

Jasleen: Many questions were raised when you came inside the show, but now you are liking Youth. Love can happen at any age.

Dipika: I know you have come because of your responsibility. You can not be a wax You started losing in four people. Stay strong

Romil: You are the lawyer. You should understand things. You used your own pepper and then hid it. this is wrong.

Shivashish: You have the disease of speaking. Some people say that you are throwing. First fight, then drink water, get throat, why should you fight. Can you call it okay?

Saurabh: There is no responsibility in the name of you. You are neither actively doing nor have you taken any other task, you took away any other's chance.

Nirmal: You are representing the police class. You should speak right and wrong.

Deepak: It was very happy that you are playing well, within three days of the beginning, you got into the country beyond, but later you stopped behaving like one with everyone.

Kruti-Roshami: Why do you forcefully intercept others? The second will also be one in the affair.

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