Super 30 Movie Review Hrithik Roshan

Super 30 Movie Review Hrithik Roshan

Super 30 Movie Review Hrithik Roshan
Super 30 Movie Review Hrithik Roshan

Bihar's Genius mathematician and teacher Anand Kumar's biopic 'Super 30' has been released. Hrithik Roshan plays Anand Kumar in the film. So if you are planning to watch the movie, then first read how the movie-


The movie starts with a flashback. Admissions of a promising student Anand is done at Cribbing University but due to the poor financial condition, admission cannot be done. Anand's father dies and he has to sell his mother's papad and live life.

After this, Anand gets the support of Lallan Singh. Lallan Singh's character Aditya Shrivastav has played. Lallan runs a coaching center for children preparing for IIT and enjoys Anand as a teacher. After this, there is a change in the life of Anand, but then he realizes that there are many children like him who are unable to make a good future because of financial constraints. After this, Anand leaves the coaching center and opens separate coaching centers for poor children separately.


Vikas Bahl has been shown with great interest in every part of Anand Kumar's life. The film will keep you together. However, in the beginning, Hrithik's tone and his look will look strange to you. Hrithik has been seen for the first time in such a Degram Look. Mrinal Thakur showed his good work in spite of being a lesser person. Some dialogues in the movie got a lot of good response. 'King's son will not become king, he will be the one who will be entitled.' There was a lot of applause at the dialogue. 

Rating: 3
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