Saina Movie Review

Saina Movie Review

It is not easy to make a biopic of a player. Firstly, it is not necessary that every actor should have been a player and secondly that there is so much drama in the life of every player, it is also not necessary. Amol Gupte has a lot of challenges in the film 'Saina'. Not only that it took years to make the film stuck, but he has chosen a game that the people playing in the street are very numerous, but the actors play it very little. But, Amol Kamal is the director. The technicians are also very good. They are not involved in storytelling through the camera. He should just take his own break for how much he should have in his film and how much he liked the audience.

Parineeti Chopra Saina Movie Review

The film 'Saina' Amol started making according to the audience's liking. Those days, it seemed to Shraddha Kapoor that after Deepika Padukone, she is going to occupy the number 2 chair. He also started shooting by becoming Saina with Amol but this is cinema. And, until everything is released in the cinema, anything can happen. Films made here take years to release and it can also take years to make films starting with full enthusiasm like Sania. The making and release of the film 'Saina' is a big lesson in cinema itself. Amol Gupte has once again put his courage, courage and skill on the big screen as a director. In Parineeti Chopra, she may not have found a capable artist for this role, but the film must be seen.

Amol Gupte's cinema is the cinema of Feelings. These feelings are such that you may not see them on the screen. These feelings require eyes to see in the mood of the characters. The scorn found by the mother at number two can shake you deep inside. The common parent may be in the air at the second position of the child. But, here is a mother who needs nothing less than number one. Most of the films should be made separately on the psychology of these mothers as well. Sania made a living and fulfilled her mother's dream by becoming the world's number one badminton player. In these moments of the film, Ritika Phogat was remembered very much. Did anyone treat him with number two?

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This biopic of Usha and Harvir Singh Nehwal Daughter Sania is similar to what director Neeraj Pandey did for Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Pride anthem, in the name of his untold story. The film has everything Dhoni wanted to show. There is nothing that those who made Dhoni want to see Dhoni. The purpose of making a biopic is to create a line between cinema to be remembered and inescapable in its future. There is nothing in the film due to which Sania has been in the headlines many times. This biopic by Sania Nehwal is a branding exercise but even after that the part of this film is amazing in which Saina is still a child.

The first part of Saina Nehwal's film 'Saina', in which her character is played by a real badminton player, Naysha is amazing. His service, his lightning fluttering in the middle of the side line, catching the shuttle from near the net and smashing the volley on the other side, is his every stance to stop breathing. It does not seem that you are watching the film. This is exactly what a biopic does. I feel that if Saina is not big and if she is big, then she should grow up playing just like this. But this is Hindi cinema. Here the film is rarely thought of without a hero or heroine. Parineeti arrives in the film. People's expectations seem to be extinguished. However, Parineeti has left no stone unturned in hard work. Simply, the matter is beyond his reach here too. 

Movie Review:  Saina
Artist:  Parineeti Chopra, Meghna Malik, Manav Kaul, Ehsan Naqvi, Shubharajyoti, Ankur V.
Author:  Amol Gupte, Amitosh Nagpal
Director:  Amol Gupte
Producer:  Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Sujay Jairaj and Rasesh Shah
Rating:  3 
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