Punjabi Singer Diljaan Died

Punjabi Singer Diljaan Died

According to the report, the incident took place at around 3.45 am on Tuesday morning. Let me tell you that Singer Diljaan left for Kartarpur from Amritsar in his car to go to his house. Then he had an accident on the way. The accident was so tremendous that, Diljaan died on the spot.

Punjabi Singer Diljaan dies in a car accident

Accident of Diljaan's car happened to Jandiala Guru. He was a resident of Kiratarpur. The reason for the accident was the high speed of his car. According to reports, the speed of his car was very high and due to sudden balance deterioration, he crashed into the divider. The collision was so tremendous that Diljaan died on the spot. The people present at the scene took Diljaan to the hospital in a hurry but doctors declared him dead.

At the same time, family members of Diljaan told that, on April 2, a new song of theirs was going to be released. That's why he went to Amritsar for a meeting. While returning, his car accident happened and he died in an accident. The family also told that at the time of the accident, Diljaan was alone in the car.
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