Anupama Spoiler Alert: There is going to be a fight between Malvika and Anuj

Anupama Spoiler Alert: There is going to be a fight between Malvika and Anuj

Anupama Spoiler Alert: There is going to be a fight between Malvika and Anuj

Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Gaurav Khanna and Madalsa Sharma starrer TV show 'Anupama' is making a new comeback with a new storyline without any leap. Moving forward in style. Makers have brought big changes in the life of each character through just one new character 'Malvika'. After the entry of Malvika, not only Vanraj, Kavya, Anupama and Anuj, but also the lives of Toshu and Samar will undergo a big change. At the same time, there is no change in Kavya's life, a complete storm is about to come.

Baa try to explain to him the meaning of love

In today's episode we will see that Kavya is in tension about her age and fitness. She feels that Vanraj has moved away from her because of her age and looks. So she is trying to keep herself fit by sweating. In the meantime, Baa will come in the middle and talk to him and ask him to beautify his mind. Baa will also try to explain to him the meaning of love. However, only time will tell how much Kavya has understood Baa's words.

Paritosh got the responsibility of the cafe

After this we will see that the people of Shah House will talk while having breakfast at the dining table. Only then, seeing Vanraj's dashing look, Pakhi will praise him. After this Vanraj will tell Kavya that now the cafe is hers, she is now the owner of the whole business. But Kavya will say that she did not do MBA to serve coffee. Paritosh i.e. Toshu will take advantage of this opportunity and will take the responsibility of the cafe by telling Vanraj himself. Kinjal also becomes very emotional due to this. Samar and Nandani will support Toshu in this new beginning. On the other hand, even if Rakhi Dave, Toshu will give a befitting reply.

Malavika's anger will destroy everything

On the other hand, Malvika has prepared breakfast for Anuj in Anuj's house. Anuj will make tea and hand it to Anupama. Everything will look perfect. But suddenly something will happen that everything will fall apart. Actually, Malvika will make a pancake for Anuj. After tasting them, Anuj will remember Anupama's hand-made chocolate pancakes. On hearing this, Malavika's mercury will rise. She will throw the entire household stuff and run away leaving the house.

Malvika did not listen to Anuj

Anuj will continuously apologize to Malvika. He will try to convince her in every way but Malavika will not listen to him. She will blame him for everything and will say that now he loves Anupama only. There is no place for sister in his life. She will take the name of some Akshay and will also tell Anuj the reason for his departure. Meanwhile, she will leave everything and run away.

Kavya will have sleepless nights

Next we will see that Anuj and Anupama are searching for Malvika together. Anupama will encourage Anuj that his sister will not go anywhere. In the meantime, we will see that Malvika will not reach anywhere but to stay at Vanraj's house i.e. Shah House. Everyone will be stunned to hear about staying in her house and Kavya's senses will be blown away. 
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