Anupama Spoiler Alert: Sara Ali Khan will appear in the popular Anupama TV show


Anupama Spoiler Alert: Sara Ali Khan will appear on the popular Anupama TV show

Rupali Ganguly's star of the popular TV show 'Anupama' is moving forward with new twists these days. So far the audience has not paused to see Anuj-Anupama's love story unfold. But now the story has changed so much that only Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Panday) seems to be entering into a relationship for the third time. This distortion is so great that Anupama and Anuj affect the whole Shah House. But in today's episode, there's also a special surprise for the audience.

Rinku Suryavanshi was found during the Anupama search!

The other day we saw Malvika flee home angry after an argument with her brother Anuj. Moreover, in today's episode, we will see that both Anuj and Anupama together are looking for Malvika. Anupama will stand at the temple on the road and pray to meet Malvika. That's when the girl will collide with him as he leaves the temple. The girl is none other than Rinku Suryavanshi namely Sara Ali Khan.

Rinku told of his grief

As soon as he collides with Anupama, Rinku Suryavanshi will start sharing his problems with him. You must be wondering who Rinku is? So let us tell you that Rinku mentions Sara Ali Khan, the lead actress of the film 'Atrangi Re' which will be released today, which will appear in the program today. As soon as she collides with Anupama, Rinku recounts the tragedy of her husband's marriage. Anupama was also surprised to hear Rinku's words. Rinku tells Anupama that he is Atrangi. Suddenly, Rinku remembers something and runs away.

Who is Akshay of Malavika?

Meanwhile, Anupama is back in Anuj. You ask that Akshay's name came from the war, who is he? In response, Anuj tells of Akshay being the boy Malavika loved. But this boy loved money. Anuj knew the truth. But Malavika also looks at Anuj as a reason to remove Akshay from his life.

Kavya will try to find Vanraj

At the same time, at Shah House, Kavya is constantly trying to find Vanraj's love again. In this case, she will be seen going to the kitchen and doing everything from cooking to apologising. Baa will also see his changed attitude. On the other hand, Vanraj will tell him that he will not find her by trying to be Anupama. Hearing this, Kavya will be upset again.

Malvika finds shelter at Shah House

After this, Malvika will enter the Shah House. He will ask Vanraj for permission to stay in his house. You will celebrate Baa, Bapuji, Vanraj everyone. After this Vanraj will let him stay in his house. But seeing all this, Kavya's senses will fly away.
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