Anupama Spoiler Alert Kavya will take revenge on Vanraj

Anupama Spoiler Alert Kavya will take revenge on Vanraj

Anupama Spoiler Alert Kavya will take revenge on Vanraj

The track of divorce is being run once again in the TV serial 'Anupama'. Anupama and Vanraj got divorced with great difficulty. But now Vanraj is going to divorce Kavya too. Even after a year of marriage, Vanraj has decided to part ways with Kavya. But Kavya still does not want to be separated from Vanraj.

Vanraj does not love Kavya

In today's episode, Vanraj will say that he has come to know how it feels to be cheated by his life partner. Vanraj will say that he married Anupama but he was in love with Kavya. Vanraj will say that he never told the truth to Anupama but always told the truth to her. Vanraj will say that both of us are not able to keep each other happy. Vanraj will say that he doesn't love her anymore.

Kavya will refuse to divorce

Kavya will say that she will not divorce Vanraj under any circumstances, but she will now show it as a villain. In the midst of all this, once again Kavya will insult Anupama and will also threaten her. Vanraj will now put in his best efforts so that he can get rid of Kavya and concentrate on his work. On the other hand, Baa will say that whatever happened is good because Vanraj understood that he made a mistake by marrying Kavya.

Kavya will pray

Anupama will explain to the family members how to fix Kavya. How to accept her as the daughter-in-law of the house. On the other hand, Kavya will be scared by the name of divorce, she does not want to let this divorce happen under any circumstances. Kavya will plead in front of Vanraj that he should not leave her. But Vanraj remains adamant on his insistence. Kavya will remind her of her old days and will say how happy we were.

Kavya will take revenge of Anupama

Despite Kavya's lakhs of efforts, Vanraj will not agree. Seeing this condition of Kavya, Anupama will feel pity. In the coming episodes you will see that Kavya will hurt herself and will say that she will tell the police that Vanraj inflicted this injury on her. Anupama will try to convince Kavya but in return Kavya will give such an answer that Anupama will also be stunned.
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