Anupama Spoiler Alert: Malvika Anuj Questions

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anuj tells Anupama that he did not mean to distrust Vanraj's ingenuity

Kavya asks Vanraj for a Christmas party

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anuj tells Anupama that he did not mean to distrust Vanraj's ingenuity. Anu says he talked a lot in a few minutes. Anuj says he does not consider Vanraj and Malvika's partnership. Anu says that as my older brother, it is his right to bother his younger sibling, but 100% of Mr. Shah is focused on his business now; Mr. Shah may have betrayed her, she is not cheap and she is not a woman; he does not trust his sister as he is wise he will not be offended. How to explain it to him, man can never change his nature, likewise, he knows what Vanraj Shah is and he cannot forget what he did with him; though Vanraj does as he has changed, he cannot easily trust anyone or anyone who has broken Anu's trust; he needs to talk to Mukku and ask him to cancel the project or let Mr Shah manage his project on his own.

Kavya asks Vanraj for a Christmas party

Kavya asks Vanraj if he is going to a Christmas party. He says yes. He said he told her he had never been to a Christmas party. He says he will do it now. He warns her to keep her distance with Malvika as Anuj like any other Indian brother protects her sister. She rebukes him for not talking too much or he will be too humble in her eyes, he did not understand her, she has never been a woman, whatever happens between them in love, she no longer has her time with anyone. He thinks he should save his attitude towards Anuj as the environment to protect Anuj's brother will soon come out.

Anu gives Anuj water to calm him down and asks him to listen to him peacefully. He says he always does. He says his brother Bhavesh is 6 years younger than him, he thought of him walking away fearing he would fall even after he learned to walk; likewise, her sister has grown up and learned to walk; he once told her that he was the hero and heroine of his story, he should say the same to Mukku and be a hero on the side until he sought help and appeared cool. He says it's okay. He says there are strange people like him who consider women equal to a friend, the world needs him and he respects and loves him in the same way. She wakes up feeling the love. Terrified, he said that he was impressed with her. He claims to be lying publicly as his cheeks twitched from fear. He thinks what is happening he does not understand and asks him to speak. Malvika came in angrily shouting what had happened.

Baa sees Kavya holding a tiffin and asks what he is doing. Kavya says he is trying to be a good wife and take Vanraj tiffin. Baa begs him to stop acting, he knows he will check on Vanraj and Malvika. Kavya says he will easily attract men. Baa warns her not to disturb her son on his first day at work and to just stay home. Kavya asks how he can let Vanraj all day with Malvika. Baa says there is Anuj, Anupama, and the whole staff there; then he thought it would be like he had once dated in the office. Kavya finds that very tense and thinks that there is a lot going on in the office other than work.

Anuj asks Malvika what happened

Anuj asks Malvika what happened. Malvika said the local agent told the owner he did not want to sell it. Anuj asks her to relax and let him manage. He says it's okay as Raj / Vanraj will handle it. Vanraj comes in and says he will do it. Anu says it's good. Malvika announced that he had transferred 50 lakhs to the company's project account. Anuj was shocked to hear that. He says his tone reveals that he has a problem as he is a hippie, he is an amazing businessman, Raj is an expert, and Anupama is amazing. Anuj says he did not mean that, the problem here. He asks the question here why he gave 50 lakhs to Raj, why he had a problem with Raj. Vanraj says even he wants to know why he has a problem with her. Anu says she is a foreigner but wants to talk. Malvika says he has the right to speak. Anu says Anuj trusts his own and Mr. Shah's talent, but Anuj like any other older brother is very protective. Malvika says she is right and asks Anuj to speak to her directly if she has a problem in the future. Vanraj tells us to keep it that way as it no longer wants problems.

Bapuji, Pakhi, Mamaji, Toshu, and Kinjal brought the Christmas tree home. Mamaji jokes. Pakhi thanks his spiritual sister Mukku for hosting the party. Baa denies it and says he allows Mukku to celebrate at his home or hotel. Bapuji says people celebrate festivals at home and at hotel parties, so they should let Malvika celebrate here. Anu and Malvika started a good competition with jokes and Malvika. Anuj supports Anu while Vanraj supports Malvika. Malvika mocks Vanraj for being so stupid that he broke up with such a perfect woman. All 3 felt uncomfortable hearing that. Malvika goes out to have something. Anu scolds Anuj for trusting Mukku otherwise he will get angry and leave again. He says he will do anything to stop Muku. He says he should take a cold pill and medicine. 
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