Anupama Spoiler Alert: Malvika To Bring Twist In Anuj And Anupama's Life

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Anupama Spoiler Alert

Rajan Shahi's Anupama never fails to impress the audience. The Christmas celebration in the next episode of the program will bring a lot of fun. During the party, Malvika will ask Hasmuk to arrange an alliance for Anupama and Anuj. Hasmuk and Shah will stand in awe. How Anupama and Anuj will respond to Malvika's demand will be interesting to watch.

So far in the episode, Malvika invites Anupama to a Christmas party. Anupama shared with Malvika that she had never been to a Christmas party. Malvika shared with her Anupama about her first Christmas party experience and became emotional. He also asks Anupama to visit Shah at the party. Malvika asks Anupama to bake everyone a carrot cake. Anuj comes and decides to surprise Malvika at Christmas time.

Later, Malvika asks Anupama and Anuj why they did not propose marriage. Anuj tells Anupama that Malvika is crazy. Hasmuk and Jignesh argue for being Santa Claus. Kinjal and Paritosh asked Hasmuk and Jignesh to be Santa Claus. Malvika brings Leela and insists that she decorate the Christmas tree. Leela keeps Malvika's voice and helps decorate the tree. Anuj gets angry by asking Malvika. She decides to comfort Malvika by presenting her a gift at Christmastime.

Here, Anupama decides to prepare a carrot cake. Shah finds pleasure in decorating the Christmas tree. Malvika impresses by sending a Hasmuk speech to celebrate each festival with full enthusiasm.

In addition, Vanraj encourages Anupama to confess his love for Anuj as it has been a while. They both remember their past. Vanraj reassures Anupama that although Anuj does not like him, he is still determined to do just that.

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