Anupamaa, 17 January 2022, Written Update: Nandini stands up to Vanraj

Anupamaa, 17 January 2022, Written Update: Nandini stands up to Vanraj

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In the present episode, Anupama and Baa go to the dance foundation and see Samar moving out of frustration. Baa lets Anupama know that she can't see his torment. Anuj stresses over Samar and says he would've gone with Anupama assuming she would've told him. GK says she left in a rush and can deal with it herself. Anupama gives water to Samar and quiets him down. Samar tells her that his and Nandini's relationship is finished.

He says that Nandini doesn't get him and Anupama tells him to not surrender as even he isn't understanding that Kavya is her auntie and she can see nothing off-base happening to her. Anupama lets him know that Kavya is forlorn and requests that Samar comprehend Nandini's point of view. Samar tells Kavya just raised the present circumstance on her and he would rather not recurrent how Vanraj treated separations make's everyone extremely upset. Anupama gets stunned hearing this and lets him know that individuals battle. Samar requests that she leave as he needs to get ready for Malvika's capacity. Anupama thinks about the way that Nandini should feel.

Anupama returns back home and Anuj tells he was hanging tight for her. Vanraj thinks he really wants to satisfy his fantasies. Anupama tells Anuj that Samar is terrified of separations yet few out of every odd marriage breaks. Anuj guarantees her that he will understand his mix-up soon. Following day, Nandini asks Vanraj how might he sit so tranquilly when Kavya went out and would he respond the same way on the off chance that some other relative went out. Vanraj requests that she quiet down. Nandini apologizes for being discourteous and asks him for what valid reason would he be able to consider Kavya as a family despite the fact that he was similarly off-base as her. Vanraj tells Kavya simply needs consideration and Nandini calls him narrow-minded. Vanraj shouts at her.

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