Raj Babbar Birthday Raj Babbar And Smita Patil Love Story

Raj Babbar Birthday Raj Babbar And Smita Patil Love Story

Raj Babbar Birthday Raj Babbar And Smita Patil Love Story

Raj Babbar Birthday: We have not forgotten the memories of actress Smita Patil, the work she did in the film, her talent, her thoughts are still with us. Although his body is not here, his memories are with us. What is special is that when the name Smita Patil comes up, one name that is automatically added is Raj Babbar. The love story of the two is immortal even today. Today is Raj Babbar's birthday. Let us know the love story of Raj and Smita on that occasion .. (raj babbar birthday: raj babbar and smita patil lovestory)

Veteran Bollywood actor (Raj Babbar) is making his debut in the 70's today. He is currently living with his first wife Nadira Babbar and their two children. Apart from making a name for himself in Bollywood, Raj was also active in politics. But a wave still lingers in their minds. That is Smita's premature departure. (raj babbar first wife)

Smita Patil had driven not only Marathi but also Bollywood and Bollywood crazy at a very young age. People were more interested in his talent than his acting. His talent and ideology was so great that Raj Babbar fell in love with him even when he was married. Because people started looking at Smita as an inspiration. Raj Babbar and Smita Patil first met during the film 'Palke'. Raj says about this visit, 'Smita came into my life all of a sudden and at the first visit I realized that she has an amazing talent. She is very thoughtful. She was very friendly with everyone. Later, our closeness grew. ' That's what he said in an interview.

He had married Nadira before falling in love with Smita. He says, 'I didn't fall in love with Smita because I didn't like Nadira or we had an argument, but I fell in love with her very spontaneously. Nadira also understood our relationship very well. That's why we were able to get married, "he said.

When Nadira found out about Raj-Smita's relationship, she was very sad. But it was only the children (Juhi and Aryan) and the theater that made it out. There was a lot of tension between Raj and Smita in the early days. Smita was seen breaking the house, breaking the world. But after breaking all these misconceptions, these two started living. Raj and Smita have a son named Prateik Babbar. Smita died due to delivery complications at the birth of the symbol. Raj was completely shaken by this shock. It was not possible for them to recover. Later, he decided to go back to his first wife and settle down with Nadira. 

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