Director of horror films Tulasi Ramsay Passed Away

Director of horror films Tulasi Ramsay Passed Away

Director of horror films Tulasi Ramsay Passed Away
Director of horror films Tulasi Ramsay Passed Away

Tulsi Ramsay, who played a long innings of horror films in Hindi cinema, passed away this morning. He was 75 years old. Ramsay created many horror films in the 70s and 80s under the banner named Ramsay Brothers.

The seventies have a special place in Hindi cinema. This was the period when Angry Youngman Amitabh Bachchan was emerging in the cinema. Action and romantic films were taking the audience into the dream world. If the youth of the system was dreaming of becoming a young Amitabh, then the arrestor in Ishq was fond of love like Dharmendra-Hema Malini. In this beautiful world of dreams, there is a sudden Ramsay Brothers entry and Hindi cinema gets such films, where ghosts, sprites, spirits and demons are there. Emotion is a romantic romance, but not romantic love. Heroine sings songs in the day and screams in the darkness of the night. Hero is cursed to fight with such a power that came from the world.

Though these films of Ramsay Brothers may have been considered as B-grade in terms of cinematic quality, but films were not lacking in viewers due to the bursting of heroines of Bikini and Nitya. The horror was then Due to being dedicated to the horror genre, Ramsay Brothers were called to be called horror master.

According to Ramsey Brothers' biography of Do not Disturb The Dead - The Story Of The Ramsay Brothers, his family moved to Mumbai after Partition in 1947. Was the business of electronics. In the seventies, many years before the making of horror films, Ramsay family had landed in the film production, but then horror movies were not their specialization.

It started with his directorial debut in 1972, under the film 'Two Gaze Zameen', and after that Ramsay Brothers created a horror film after one by creating a horror film. As a producer-director Tulsi Ramsay created films such as soul, shut door, cellar and 3D Samari. Many theaters of small towns and cities used to display films of Ramsay Brothers after a certain interval, because their films that came with Adult certificates used to be revenue dependent for cinema owners.

Some artists have been working regularly in Tulsi Ramsay's films. Among them, Ajay Agarwal, the most famous name, was the role of Manster Yani Darinde in his films. Ajay Ramsay, about six and a half feet, was shot like this in a way that his length would put the audience in panic. Ajay himself used to say that he does not need make-up. Their horror face can scare anyone.

In 1993, Tulsi Ramsay turned to a small screen and produced and directed Zee Horror Show, which was quite successful. He also made the TV series Nagin in 1998. Many of these films also succeeded at the box office. This phase of terror started till the beginning of ninety. After this, filmmakers like Ram Gopal Varma and Vikram Bhatt started a new mode of horror films and the way to spread the terror of Ramsay Brothers began to look old and ridiculous to the audience.

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