Sacred Games changed entertainment game

Sacred Games changed entertainment game

Sacred Games
Sacred Games

The second season of the much anticipated 'Sacred Games' has arrived on Netflix. An interesting conversation with the creators of this successful web series of the country

Even before its release in 2006, Vikram Chandra's novel 'Sacred Games' came into the limelight. Yet it took a decade to reach the screen. It was a story that defined Mumbai as a new one, with well-planned criminals, haphazard policemen and new schemes of terror.

When the web series hit Netflix, it surprised everyone. People felt that a web series was finally revealed that could compete in international shows. The New York Times newspaper defined it as an energy-rich and entertaining web series. Vikram Chandra, author of the novel 'Sacred Games', explains why making the second season was more challenging than making the first season. 

Did you have any kind of apprehension before the release of the first season of this show? 

I was curious about how the authors of this series would show the double storylines of this story on screen. Many had laid down their arms trying to do so, saying that it is impossible. I would just like to say that the writers and directors of this show have done excellent work.

How were the reactions related to the second season of the show? 

From a point of view, after the first season, the work became a little easier, because in a way the foundation of the story had been laid. But from another perspective, after coming to this point, you cannot go back and change anything. It reminds me of that stage of writing a novel when the story's appearance is clear to you and you are just completing the remaining part of it. After going through this process, my respect for 19th-century writers has increased manifold, writing my novel in many parts. 

What are you most excited about for the second season? 

Jojo's character Surveen Chawla. This is one of my favorite characters. I would like to know the reactions of the people regarding this. 

It was heard that there was the talk of making a film on Sacred Games first? 

Yes, it is true. A company was going to make a film on it. He entrusted the responsibility of writing the script to a noted British screenwriter. He tried and finally gave up. I sympathize with him. I think the series was the best option for this story because it had the ability to cover the different ends of the story.

It is interesting to know that in the second season of 'Sacred Games' where the part with the presence of police officer Sartaj Singh is directed by Neeraj Ghewan, while the part of Gaitonde is directed by Anurag Kashyap,

'We need more shows': Anurag While

directing Kashyap   'Sacred Games 2', Anurag Kashyap realized how much people's expectations were attached to it. He says, "People around the world had high expectations from the second season of the show. This is a good thing and we need more shows in which filmmakers can use and go beyond the prescribed limits. I feel a little curious to see international shows like The Wayne Brady Show, Chernobyl and DarK. '     

'This web series gave me the courage to take the risk': Neeraj Ghewan There

was a time when director Neeraj Ghewan, who made a stir in the entertainment industry with a film like ' Masaan   ', was a little apprehensive about TV. He says, "I never thought that one day I will direct India's biggest show and that too with my mentor Anurag Kashyap." He adds, "While there is an ease in working with your mentor, there is also additional pressure." 
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