Sabudana Bhel Recipe

Sabudana Bhel Recipe

Sabudana Bhel Recipe
Sabudana Bhel Recipe

Many people fast for 9 days during Navratri and it becomes boring for them to eat the same food every day. Although there is a lot of recipe of sago, but if you want to try something new for yourself, try sago bhel. It is easy to make and gets ready immediately. So just try this simple recipe because this recipe can prove beneficial for you. The calories in it will be more according to which you use the same stuff. That is, it can be a healthy snack as well as a filling stomach. 

Sabudana Bhel Recipe Making Ingredients

Half cup sago (Sabudana)
1 Potato (cut into small pieces)
1 tbsp ground peanuts (optional)
Whole Peanuts
Chopped cashews
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Rock salt
2 teaspoons of fruit oil
Fruit bangle
Coriander for garnish

Method of making Sabudana Bhel Recipe

Wash the sago (Sabudana) thoroughly and clean it. Soak for 2-3 hours.

Heat oil in a pan on low heat. After this fry the potato pieces till they become golden.

After this, fry peanuts and cashews too.

Now once the oil is hot, add sago in the pan and fry it a little. Just so that the sago cooks a little bit.

Now take it out and mix all the fried things together. Add rock salt to it.

Now, you can take Falahari Chuda and Coriander leaves for garnish.

Lemon's turn will come last. Now squeeze the lemon and mix it in the same way as bhel is mixed. If desired, you can also put pomegranate on it.
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