Rajgira Ladoo

Rajgira Ladoo

Rajgira Ladoo
Rajgira Ladoo

Rajgira is also known as Chaulai or Ramdana. Rajgira is rich in iron and fiber which is considered good for digestion of the body. Rajgira ladoos and chikkis are very tasty. They are eaten in fast, but they are very beneficial in the cold. We are telling you the recipe of Rajgira laddu.


1 cup rajgira
1 cup jaggery
2-3 tsp ghee
2 tablespoons raisins
2 tablespoons cashews
heavy-bottomed pan


Cut cashews into small pieces.

Keep the wok on low heat. Put

A large spoon of rajgira in a pan and fry it while stirring.

As soon as they start to grow big, take them out in another vessel.

Likewise, fry the whole grains of rajgira.

Put the broken grains of Rajgira in a sieve and sieve. By doing this, the grains that do not erupt will be sieved.

Now put ghee in this pan and heat it. Then add jaggery and 2 teaspoons of water to the pan.

When the jaggery starts coming out, then reduce the flame and add the grains of Rajgira to it.

Then add raisins and cashews and mix it well.

Water on palms with a little mix of sweet Make it

You can store the prepared Rajgira ladoos after they cool down.
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