Udaariyaan 11th August 2021 Episode Update: Fateh Tells About His Affair

Udaariyaan 11th August 2021 Episode Update: Fateh Tells About His Affair

Udaariyaan 11th August 2021 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo thinking about Simran. She says how should I talk with Fateh, how should he react, I can't disguise this tremendous thing. Fateh comes trusting Jasmin's words. He thinks to tell the truth. Jasmin says don't understand Fateh tended to Tejo till now or not. Tejo and Fateh say I need to say something… . first you… He hits a table. It falls. He contorts to pick. She asks did you use ladies smell, yet I don't have any such aroma. He says without a doubt, it's ladies aroma, I participate in extramarital relations with someone, I m not dedicated to you, I m beguiling you. Tejo gets dazed. She says no, I didn't mean to say that. He gets a call. He asks what, coach Sir met with an accident, fine I m coming. He leaves. She cries. Jasmin figures why will I call Fateh. She hears Dilraj talking with Satti about Tejo. Satti demands that he go to Jasmin, she will help him with the homework. 

It's evening, Tejo keeps things under control for Fateh. She cries. Fateh gets back home. He sees Tejo crying. He similarly cries. Tejo misleads rest. Jasmin calls him. He leaves. She says why isn't he answering, how might I react. She calls Tejo. Tejo is resting. Jasmin says she isn't answering, perhaps Fateh revealed to her start and end. 

It's morning, Fateh holds a running shower tap. Tejo says he would be anxious, I need to prompt him, I wasn't addressing him. Fateh figures I would rather not face Tejo, I will go out when she leaves. Gurpreet comes and demands that Tejo come, someone came to meet her. Tejo goes. Khushbeer says you did incredible to get back home. Khurana and his significant other have a conversation and laugh. Mahi comes and says Khurana uncle and auntie ji have come to meet you and Tejo, come soon. Fateh stresses. He runs. Khushbeer asks where is Tejo. Gurpreet says she is getting the tea. Fateh comes running and makes the tea tumble down. Everyone gets staggered. He says sorry. Tejo says it's OK. He stays before Tejo. Biji says you are reliably in a surge. Fateh says it's fine. Mahi says I will clean this, take Tejo with you. Gurpreet takes Tejo. Fateh invites uncle and auntie. Khurana says I revealed to you I will get your auntie and come to meet you. Khushbeer asks when did you speak with Fateh. Fateh says leave it, we are restarting the establishment, we have all of the games, you should see it, come, we will see. Khushbeer says we will show him establishment later. Fateh demands that he come. 

Biji says let him meet Tejo. Khurana says I met her yesterday and gave gifts also, I will go on a fast outing and see establishment. They leave. Tejo gets tea. She asks where did Fateh take uncle ji. Mahi says establishment. Tejo says vehicle keys are at home. Mahi goes to offer keys to Fateh. She asks how did Khurana see you and Tejo together, she was with me. He says without a doubt, he went downhill, maybe he saw someone else. Jasmin is at the school. Tejo comes. She stops Jasmin. She asks where are you going. Jasmin says nothing. Tejo says I need to talk, come. They go to the holder. Tejo gets a comparative fragrance smell. Jasmin says undoubtedly, it's my aroma, what happened. Tejo demands that she sit. She says the same smell was coming from Fateh's shirt yesterday. Jasmin asks what do you mean. Tejo says we had a confusion. Jasmin says I didn't grasp. Tejo says I got some data about ladies aroma, so he said he has an unsanctioned sentiment with someone. Jasmin drops the tea. Tejo looks at her.

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