Velle Movie Review Abhay Deol and Mouni Roy

Velle Movie Review Abhay Deol and Mouni Roy

Velle Movie Review Abhay Deol and Mouni Roy

Making comedy films is a difficult task, many comedy films have been made in Bollywood and Welle is one of them. In this film, two actors of the Deol family are Abhay Deol and Sunny Deol's son Karan Deol. Let us know how this film is.

The film begins with Rishi Singh (Abhay Deol), a filmmaker who is somehow able to reach popular actress Rohini (Mouni Roy) for his low budget film. He narrates the story of three best friends – Rahul (Karan Deol), Rambo (Sawant Singh Premi) and Raju (Vishesh Tiwari), aka the R3 gang. The R3 gang soon befriends their principal's (Zakir Hussain) daughter Riya (Anya), and the gang becomes the 'R4 gang'.

Riya wants to learn dance and live a life free from her father, who is a somewhat controlling father who keeps on worrying about his daughter. The R3 gang plans to kidnap Riya and demand a ransom, but the story takes a turn when a real gang arrives who kidnap Riya for the real ransom. 

There are not just one but three different parallel stories going on at the same time, and they all collide with each other in the end.

Cast also doing a great job

Karan Deol beats everyone with his confidence. Karan has managed to make the audience laugh with his acting, his performance in the emotional scene is also good. Mouni Roy's work is also good. The rest of the cast also do a great job, Anya Singh, Sawant Singh Premi and Vishesh Tiwari work well.

Velle Movie Trailer:

The makers did not explore the character of Abhay Deol much. They get limited screen time; If he had got more time, his performance would have been more impressive. Still, it's a movie you can watch.

If you want to watch a clean comedy film with your family, then this film can be the perfect weekend plan for you.

Movie Rating: 3.5
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