Anupamaa Spoiler: Malvika and Vanraj plan to shift to Mumbai

Anupamaa Spoiler: Malvika and Vanraj plan to shift to Mumbai

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The forthcoming episode of the famous every day cleanser Anupamaa is loaded with treat for the crowd. It is seen that Bapuji is trusting that Vanraj will return home. When he is there, he gets some information about the Mumbai project. Vanraj lets him know that Malvika needs to open an eatery first in Mumbai. Bapuji communicates worry over him leaving their Ahmedabad project halfway and beginning another one. Vanraj lets him know that it's Malvika's cash and he is just doing what she is requesting that he do. Bapuji says that he knows him well overall and he realizes that despite the fact that it's Malvika's cash, he should do things as he would prefer.

Bapuji alerts him that he should keep his relationship with Malvika stringently proficient. Vanraj is then heard saying that he isn't keen on Malvika by any means, and is just focussed on his objective. He feels that it's either Kavya or Anupama who probably informed Bapuji concerning this.

In the interim, Anupama goes to converse with Anuj however thinks that he is dozing. She then, at that point, calls Bapuji and asks him how things are at home. The two of them realize that things could deteriorate before long, yet they don't impart it to one another.

The following day, Anupama apologizes to Anuj and lets him know that they should converse with Malvika. All of a sudden they see Malvika with a rucksack and she lets them know that she is going to Mumbai with Vanraj. He comes to get her and says farewell to Anupama. Afterward, he inquires as to whether Anuj or Anupama prevented her from going, to which she said no. Vanraj tells her that Anuj and Anupama will get a shock before very long, and changes the point by saying that their prosperity will make them envious.

In another scene, Anupama requests that Anuj go out with her. He inquires as to whether it's a date. She is left astounded with his inquiry. Then again, Bapuji lets Baa know that he will converse with Anupama about her marriage with Anuj.

Afterward, Anupama is trusting that Anuj will come. She is shocked to see him spruce up in pants and a shirt. She jokes that he is embellished and presently individuals will ridicule her.

In Mumbai, Malvika and Vanraj's gathering works out positively. He tells her that it's a decent arrangement and they ought not hold back to say OK, however Malvika clashes.

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