Kangana Ranaut told Salman Khan is my best friend

Kangana Ranaut told Salman Khan is my best friend

Kangana Ranaut told Salman Khan is my best friend

Kangana Ranaut on Salman Khan: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her outspoken style and sharp criticism of Bollywood superstars. She was recently seen at the Eid party of actor Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma. His fans were surprised to see him in the party. Now she herself has removed the curtain as to why she had gone to Arpita Khan's party. 

Kangana Ranaut has recently given an interview to RJ Siddharth Kanan. In this interview, he has given the reason for going to the Eid party. According to Kangana, 'she and Salman Khan are good friends'. When he invited her to the party, she could not say no and decided to attend the program. 

Salman Khan is my best friend

The Bollywood queen said in the interview, 'It is not that I do not go to Bollywood parties, I go wherever I want. Salman Khan is a very good friend of mine, when he invited me to the party, I left. Very simple. Fans got a glimpse of Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut's friendship even when Salman cheered Kangana for her upcoming film 'Dhaakad'.

Sharing the trailer of the film, Salman wrote, 'Wishing team #Dhaakad the very best! @kanganaranaut @rampal72 @smaklai." Re-sharing Salman Khan's post, Kangana wrote, 'Thank you my Dabang Hero Heart of Gold... I will never again say that I am alone in this industry. Thanks on behalf of the entire Dhakad team.

Now work on my own

Kangana Ranaut has often criticized her contemporaries for not promoting her films. Kangana Ranaut also mentioned this in the interview. According to Kangana, there was a time when she used to urge actors and producers to send messages to promote their films. Just like she used to do for his films. But he saw that other actors did not do this for his films. So later he also stopped doing all this. Now she has risen above all this and works on her own. 

They were only talking about the trailer

Talking about attending the Eid party, he said, "They were talking only about the trailer. I mean, when you are impressed with a trailer at such a high level, why is it such a hidden thing?'

When asked if he had asked her to promote the film on a digital platform, she replied, "I am beyond that now. I personally told people including Aamir Khan during Manikarnika. I have called saying, 'You always call me for your tests like PK or Dangal. You talk about my films too. Now I have moved beyond that point.

Kangana to be seen in spy thriller

Kangana Ranaut will soon be seen in the film 'Dhaakad'. It is a spy thriller, in which she is playing the role of Agent Agni. Arjun Rampal is also working with him in this film.
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