Jamal Kudu Song Meaning And Girl Tannaz Davoodi Biography

Jamal Kudu Song Meaning And Girl Tannaz Davoodi Biography

Jamal Kudu Song Meaning And Girl Tannaz Davoodi Biography

A song from the film 'Animal' is becoming quite popular. The girl who was seen in the song played at the entry of Abrar aka Bobby Deol has also become famous. What is the meaning of this song and who is that girl, we are going to tell you both.

Meaning of the song 'Jamal Kudu' and that beautiful girl

Sandeep Reddy Vanga's directed film 'Animal' has been creating havoc at the box office since December 1. It is earning crores of rupees every day, in front of which Vicky Kaushal's movie 'Sam Bahadur' has become like water or tea. The songs of this film are also making waves. Every song has its own history. At the same time, Bobby Deol's entry song is also on people's lips. There is a lot of discussion about the girl seen in this. Let us both tell who he is and what is the meaning of this song.

Where did this 'Jamal Kudu' come from?

The name of the entry song of Abrar Haq aka Bobby Deol is Jamal Kudu. It is inspired by the Iranian song 'Jamal-Jamalu'.

Hindi meaning of song 'Jamal Kudu'

The Hindi meaning of the song 'Jamal Kudu' is, 'Black eyed one, don't break my heart.' You left me and I became a wayfarer, a nomad like Majnu.

Who is the girl from 'Jamal Kudu'?

The name of the girl seen in the song is Tannaz Davoodi. This is an Iranian model. Has also shared photos with Bollywood celebs.

The activities of 'Jamal Kudu'

Tannaz Dawoodi's nickname is Tanni. She works in India. Even before 'Animal', she had worked in many Hindi songs.

She is a background dancer

Tannaaz Dawoodi has also done stage shows with stars like John Abraham, Nora Fatehi, Sunny Leone, Varun Dhawan. She has appeared as a background dancer.

Tannaz's life changed

One song changed Tannaz's life 360 degrees. People started knowing him. Have started praising her beauty. 
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