Potato Wrap Recipe

Potato Wrap Recipe

Potato Wrap Recipe
Potato Wrap Recipe

Potato wrap recipe is a perfect snack which is crispy, soft and tangy as well.

These are all the ingredients we need for Potato wrap recipe:

1/4 spoon of cumin seeds
1/4 spoon of mustard seeds
1 chopped onion
1 chopped green chili
1 spoon ginger garlic paste
2 chopped potatoes
1/3 spoon of turmeric powder
1 spoon of dry mango powder ( amchur )
1/3 spoon of garam masala
2 cup of water

Method : 

Firstly to make stuffing of Potato wrap pour 2 spoons refined oil in a hot pan

Add 1/4 spoon of cumin seeds when oil heats up

1/4 spoon of mustard seeds

Add 1 chopped onion and fry until it gets transparent

Add 1 chopped green chili

Add 1 spoon ginger garlic paste and mix well

When everything is well roasted add 2 chopped potatoes and cook for a bit.

For stuffing masalas we have 1/3 spoon of turmeric powder

1/2 spoon of salt

1/2 spoon of dry mango powder ( amchur )

And 1/3 spoon of garam masala

Mix everything well together, while roasting masalas potatoes will get fried too

Sprinkle a little water, cover and cook at low flame for potatoes could get soft.

By the time potatoes get soft, meanwhile we will make wraps for them.

For which we have 1/2 cup all purpose flour

Add and mix 1/4 spoon of salt

We will add a little water at a time and we will make slurry just like batter for dosa.

This is perfect mixture, we need thin consistency exactly like this for making wraps.

It's about time to check potatoes.

Potatoes are well soften up. We will mash them once they cool off.

Apply some oil on a hot flat pan for making wraps.

Wipe with a piece of cloth.

Pour some prepared batter and spread like a dosa

We will cook at medium sim flame setting.

Making wraps takes a little practice, the more you make, the better you get in making wraps.

Now we will add mashed stuffing in this wrap.

Place stuffing in center and fold them. 

Make perfect wrap

It won't be sealed from bottom yet, but when we will fry it, it will get crisp and seals itself.

We made all thee potato wraps the same way.

Pour some cooking oil in a frying pan to fry them.

Add these potato wraps in the pan when oil heats up

Face the joint side downwards so it could get crisp and lock stuffing inside right away

Flip and fry well from all sides.

They will appear getting dark and crispy.

When they get golden brown in color they are ready to be served.

Drain maximum oil and take out on absorbing paper so the remaining extra oil could be absorbed.

These delicious potato wraps can be served as they are, but we will cut them before serving.

You can see they are nice and crispy from outside and soft from inside.

You can serve these to your guests or serve along your evening tea.

These will taste perfect with tomato ketchup.

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