Bigg Boss 15 Task: Devoleena-Rashami stood on pole for 15 hours

 Bigg Boss 15 Task: Devoleena-Rashami stood on pole for 15 hours

Bigg Boss 15 Task: Devoleena-Rashami stood on pole for 15 hours

As Bigg Boss 15 is moving towards the finale, the game has become exciting. After the cancellation of the ticket to the finale task many times, now the family members were seen trying their best to win it. In the last episode, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai did wonders in the task. Both stood by the pole for 15 hours. During this, the family members did a lot of torture to remove him from the pole. But it's a shame that both of them are torn apart from their positions. Forcing then Bigg Boss had to increase the difficulties in his task.

Devoleena urinates in pants during the task

Rashami Desai won in this fierce competition of Devoleena and Rashami. With this victory, she has reached the finale. Both the actresses are being praised for doing a great job on social media. Bigg Boss also praised both of them. During the task, such an occasion also came when Devoleena urinated in pants. Before doing this, Devoleena asked Prateek to pour water on him. After this Devoleena did the toilet standing on the pole. The family members also praised this spirit of Devoleena. Umar Riaz had said that this girl will do anything to win the task.

Rashami defeated Devoleena, in the Final Round

Final Nishat Bhatt threw water at Devoleena's feet, due to which she slipped and lost the task. Devoleena was continuously tortured by Umar Riaz and Rashami Desai by Prateek Sahajpal. Throwing water on them, applying greasy things like shampoo oil on their hands and feet, so that they slip.

Rashami-Devoleena's fans clashed

On social media, although both Rashami-Devoleena are being praised. But Rashami Desai is getting more support from the people. RECORD SETTER RASHAMI is being trended on Twitter. Whereas Devoleena's fans are trending TASK ACER DEVOLEENA. Let's say that the fans of both of them have clashed on social media. Fans were impressed by Rashami's performance. People say – Rashami has done wonders. Rashami is the best. Devoleena's fans believe that she was tortured more and Rashami less.

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